Motivosity addresses all three drivers of employee motivation.

Drive great results by helping employees feel appreciated for their work

appreciate someone

A straightforward way for employees to recognize the great work of their peers.

share a highlight

Lets you easily share an individual or team highlight.

main feed

The main feed shows a rolling view of all the appreciations and highlights posted.

you can give

Giving money is provided by your company each month for you to use as you recognize great work done by your co-workers.

you can spend

Your spending money is the money that you’ve received through recognitions and milestones.


The leader board is a fun way to see who is the most engaged using Motivosity.

last thanked by you

Motivosity includes great reminders of the last time you recognized your team members, peers, or your boss.


The Motivosity store makes it really easy for you to redeem your money for what you really want.


Motivosity allows you to set-up company or departmental awards to be given out.


The milestones tab makes it easy to recognize your team members for work anniversaries and birthdays.

my history

The My History tab lets you see your recognition history including giving, receiving, highlights, and spending.

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Are you ready to see the product in action? Recognition, community, employee feedback, surveys, insights. The list goes on. Click the video link and we'll take you on an in-depth tour of the product. Buckle up to see Motivosity -- the leading product designed to motivate your team members and deliver real impact to your business.

But Wait, There’s More:


Through a comprehensive set of dashboards and reports, Motivosity provides insight that will allow you to manage your business better. Click here to take a look at a few.