Motivosity is a social platform where employees can give each other small monetary bonuses for doing great things.

Employee Recognition Software

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The Ideal Workplace!
(What happens when you use Motivosity)
More Collaborative Energy
Your employees will be more anxious to help each other and silos will disappear.
More Autonomy and Ownership
Your team will take more ownership within the company and make extra effort to drive better results.
Management Excellence
All managers across the organization will be better at connecting with their people.
Employee Success
In your growing company, employees will more quickly fit in and have an amazing onboarding experience.
How It Works
We think that everybody should be happier at work. After all, don’t we spend most of our time there anyway? Our software solution enables enterprises to have an energetic and positive environment where people are anxious to help each other. We do this by giving every employee a little influence currency they can use to say thanks to those who are helping to build the company.
My company uses Motivosity to recognize each other for how we are trying to live up to the company values
Recognition can often seem like such a small thing but is a significant contributor to good team morale and a healthy working environment. Using Motivosity has helped foster greater recognition of the good happening around us and contributes to help make the place I work such a wonderful environment.
-Brett Hinton, Health Catalyst
Motivosity has been an absolute game changer in the way I incentivize my team
It has improved how I interact with other departments and show appreciation to those who go above and beyond at the company. Working with a quota driven team, Motivosity is THE key driver in what makes my team members go the extra mile.
-Paige Edmund, Instructure
We were able to immediately reward our team members for going the extra mile.
Motivosity is easy to use so we were able to immediately reward our team members for going the extra mile without having to jumps through extra hoops. Motivosity gives the power to all team members, in every capacity to recognize others inside and outside of their departments. In shot, Motivosity is a stellar and easy-to-use.
-Angelic Sanchez, Bluehost
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