Motivosity “Unbreaks” the Performance Review Process
Motivosity Feedback makes it easy for managers to deliver meaningful feedback to team members on a regular basis

Silicon Slopes, UTAH, January 19, 2018 - Motivosity, the company intent on helping people be happier at work, is introducing Motivosity Feedback, a software module that rids businesses of overly-complex performance review systems and makes it easy for managers to regularly provide feedback to their team members.

“So many companies are using a 40-year old performance review process that both managers and employees find inaccurate and ineffective," said Scott Johnson, CEO of Motivosity. “Companies are looking for a straightforward way to gather, document, and deliver performance feedback to team members in a way that adds to the employee’s motivation to do great work.”

Managers know the drill all too well… pressure to complete annual performance reviews so that somebody up the chain can check a box. Productive work comes to a grinding halt as all the performance reviews are written up. In fact, survey results show that managers cite performance reviews as their second most-hated task – after firing someone.

Employees don’t fare any better. Employees feel less-than-satisfied as they see reviews that are inaccurate, consider just the recent activities that are only visible to their manager, and often are delivered late.

Let’s fix this! Motivosity Feedback gives managers an intuitive software interface where they can:

  • Rate and provide feedback to team members in three core areas – job performance, living by company values, and job potential
  • Provide direct coaching of ways the team member can deliver outstanding results
  • Use the context of all the recognition the team member has received from others to improve the accuracy of the feedback
  • Use the 360 degree-based approach to easily request input from others
  • Deliver feedback as often as is needed without restrictive “review windows”
  • Create meaningful insight for company leadership to identify key performers

Continued Johnson, “One of the great needs of today’s workers is to know where they stand. They want transparency and timeliness. They want forward-looking input, not after-the-fact reviews. That’s what Motivosity Feedback accomplishes.”

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