Motivosity Delivers iOS and Android Employee Recognition Mobile App
Make it Easy for Every Employee to Feel Connected to Your Company

Silicon Slopes, UTAH, April 11, 2018 - Motivosity, the company intent on helping people be happier at work, has added a new iOS and Android mobile application as part of its employee recognition platform.

"Think of how connected employees feel if they are able to be part of a company that celebrates success," said Scott Johnson, CEO of Motivosity. "Now take that a step further and think how much easier it is to build such a culture if every employee, regardless of location or access to a computer, is able to join the employee-driven culture movement. That is what we've created with the addition of the Motivosity mobile application."

Full featured, the Motivosity employee recognition mobile application includes the following core functionality:

  • Celebrate success - Ability for employees to give small monetary rewards to each other for doing great things
  • Connect with the business - Provide a social view of all the appreciations being posted throughout the company
  • Connect with colleagues - Searchable view of team member profiles including department, interests, and responsibilities
  • Internalize company values - All recognition is tied to a specific company value, reinforcing the sought-after company culture
  • Feel appreciated - Instantly redeem Motivosity money for gift cards, company swag, or donate to charitable organizations

Culture can't be created from the top. To have a measurable impact, culture needs to come from the team members themselves. Motivosity is a platform that engages employees, trusting them to recognize and reward the great work happening around them.

About Motivosity

Motivosity provides a best-in-class employee recognition software platform used by companies like DuPont, Instructure, Hitachi Chemical, Western Governors University, Cotopaxi, and others to improve employee engagement and build company culture. Motivosity customers experience a 90%+ user engagement rate. Our software drives amazing results by connecting employees to each other and to the business and makes visible all the great work your team members are doing.