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“I love Motivosity! It has been a great way to recognize co-workers for going above and beyond. It has also been a fun way to connect and get to know people around the office in ways I hadn't before.”

Whitney Padilla, Fishbowl

Motivosity has been an absolute game changer in the way I incentivize my team, interact with other departments, and show appreciation to those who go above and beyond at the company. Working with a quota driven team, Motivosity is THE key driver in what makes my team members go the extra mile.

Paige Emond, Instructure

Using Motivosity at work as a peer-reward system has been a blast -- there are a ton of options to choose from for rewards (all manner of gift cards). We love it and look forward to seeing it grow and be adopted by more companies!

Kristen C, Imagine IT

I LOVE Motivosity. It is such a good way to keep employees motivated and give POSITIVE feedback to my co-workers. I have never worked for any company that wants to tell you good job, especially one that lets me tell whomever I want good job and encourages me to do so. More company's need to follow this kind of work culture. Happy workers make happy customers.

Casey Pritt, Health Equity

I love Motivosity! Its way better than Achievers, which we had previously (terrible). I use it towards agents excelling at their job. Everybody likes it because you can use it for amazon gift cards.

Tanner Danis, Bluehost

I love being able to reward and recognize my peers and team members for service they have rendered going above and beyond what is normally requested of them. Having the ability to motivate and lift others has been appreciated by me as well as others. Thanks to Motivosity and HealthEquity for providing us this opportunity.

Paula Hensley, Health Equity

There was a project we wanted pushed through to Dev, but it wasn't getting prioritized. A guy on my team went around and got signatures from people that would donate Motivosity bucks to a developer to fix it. The total amounted to over $300. Well, the dev fixed it in an hour. Motivosity helped to push that project through when no other method would.

Michael Johnston, Bluehost

Motivosity is fantastic. I love recognizing everyone for their accomplishments and their input. Love to use the tools and set goals to getting on top everytime. Love a place to give and provide positivity and kudos, as well as just another person how well they are doing. Just Love it.

Rochelle Wood, Health Equity

My company uses Motivosity to recognize each other for how we are trying to live up to the company values. Recognition can often seem like such a small thing but is a significant contributor to good team morale and a healthy working environment. Using Motivosity has helped foster greater recognition of the good happening around us and contributes to help make the place I work such a wonderful environment.

Brett Hinton, Health Catalyst

Motivosity is easy to use so we are able to immediately reward our team members for going the extra mile without having to jump through extra hoops. Motivosity gives the power to all team members, in every capacity to recognize others inside and outside of their department. In short, Motivosity is a stellar and easy-to-use reward program and I absolutely love it!

Angelic Sanchez, Health Equity

Having the ability to reward coworkers instantly is a real benefit. Everyone feels more like a team and has something real to give eachother for doing their job well or helping you do yours. I think it's one of the best things I have seen at any company for increasing employee morale. The software itself is simple and easy to use. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Chad McGuire, Instructure

One day, after a project I thought I had failed at, I looked into my email and I saw Motivosity! My boss took the time to thank me for a job well done. It lifted my spirits and I continued to work harder. What at first seemed to be a couple rough months of beating myself up, was completely flipped by the simple recognition in Motivosity.

Jesse Martinez, Endurance

As an agent, Motivosity motivated me to go outside of my normal duties and to excel at my job because I liked the feeling of getting rewarded for hard work. The satisfaction that came from the praise was way better than anything else being provided. As a mentor Motivosity was a great tool for getting people to break out of their shells and try new things.

Patrick Weiss, Bluehost

DeLoris of the Week (don't be like DeLoris)

“We don't want Motivosity because it creates a database of positive information about people... and that would create a liability for us if we fire someone”

-VP of HR at Public tech company

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"Motivosity had a greater impact on our company than I could have imagined"

Not to brag (ok, maybe just a little bit)... Motivosity is clearly the best at what it does. Motivosity isn't for companies wanting a mediocre employee recognition system that will allow them to check a box on some best place to work survey. Motivosity is for real leaders who want real results.


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