Motivosity is a software solution with a mission: to make people's work lives more fulfilling. Leading companies are turning to Motivosity because it works. It works because we get it - we understand the secret sauce of ingredients needed to have engaged and connected workers.

... there is a secret sauce for engaged and connected workers

Our History

Motivosity was founded in 2013 by Scott Johnson, a seasoned tech entrepreneur whose career has been focused on improving the life of knowledgeworkers worldwide. Prior to Motivosity, Scott founded and led Workfront (www.workfront.com) to become the worldwide leader in Enterprise Work Management. Scott's vision for Motivosity builds on observations and lessons learned over the last 15 years working to influence hundreds of thousands of worker's lives for the better. That is, for companies to truly have a competitive advantage, they have to have employees that love what they're doing, that feel connected emotionally to the organization, and believe they are part of a common and important cause.

Scott's background in creating world-class, easy-to-use, well-designed software that works in a 'human' way is making it easy for customers to experience great results...

  • 98% user adoption rate
  • increased team unity and morale
  • better job satisfaction

Recent Industry results...

  • Winner of 2015 'Best Disruptive Technology'
  • UV50 Top 50 Utah Winner
  • Red Herring Top Tech 100 2015 Shortlist

...Motivosity isn't "just another system"

Our Commitment

First, we promise to focus on all things that drive culture, which drives engagement, which drives results. We are not a product catalog company and so are not interested in pushing products on your employee base. We're here 100% for a happy workforce.

Second, one of our company values is to treat each customer like they are our only customer. This results in a close relationship with each of our clients. We haven't been invited to any weddings yet, but we've received a lot of "you're awesome"s. This is what powers our company.

Third, we're not just interested in doing great work; we're also in pursuit of being great people. Our work is just a reflection of who we are and we see work as part of our path toward a great life.

...skeptics beware. Motivosity is the real deal - no hype necessary


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